¡Hola! My name is Andrea Weinstock and I am from Mexico City. I have been teaching for fifteen years in the South Bay. For four years I was a Montessori Directress at a private school in Manhattan Beach, and on my 5th year at the school, I was asked by the school’s Director to take over the Spanish Program. I was thrilled at the opportunity to impact an entire school versus only a classroom at a time. I taught from Pre-K to 8th grade.

It immediately became apparent to me that learning a foreign language, not only for adults but for children as well could be overwhelming. That was when I decided I would create an amazing Spanish program, where not only would I be able to continue with my life-long goal of instilling the love of learning in a child, but also to make it insanely FUN, hence the beginning of “FUNtástic-O” (formerly known as Spanish-is-fun).

Often, parents would tell me that they had learned Spanish at some point in their lives, but had then forgotten it. That is why “FUNtástic-O” is a program based on a “Spiral Method”. The purpose of this method is to keep concepts and vocabulary learned at the top of their mind. This is done by continuously reviewing the concepts and vocabulary taught, while adding new ones. This helps build a solid foundation for the students to continue building upon in order to achieve the ultimate goal: for the students to be able to take their classroom knowledge and put it into practice in the real world. Allowing them to communicate properly with people from other countries.

Time and time again, I see children being taught Spanish in schools with no apparent purpose… They learn all this vocabulary, but are unable to form a sentence with it. Even worse at the High School level where students are taught to conjugate every verb imaginable, in every tense, yet are incapable of having a dialogue with a foreigner.

With my program, students will not only learn how to speak Spanish with a proper pronunciation, but read and write as well, and have FUN at the same time! To make the FUN part possible, besides my “crazy” way of teaching… I also use TPR (Total Physical Response), visual aids, puppets, songs, skits and lots of games!

At the end of the year students will come home with their own Spanish Book showcasing all the different vocabulary they learned throughout the year as well as all their beautiful projects to reinforce the vocabulary they learned.

More about the founder Andrea Weinstock…

Andrea Weinstock, Founder Funtastic-oA short time later, I moved to the United States with my husband and became a mother to twins (now 18 years old). I became very involved in their Montessori education and fell in love with teaching. I received my Montessori Credentials at the Montessori Western Teaching Program and immediately began working at Manhattan Academy in Manhattan Beach, CA. I worked there for many years as a Montessori Directress and later headed the Spanish Program.

During this time I had my third child and my twins were getting older. I decided to take some time off to help my twins (at the time Freshmen) start their journey of college admission, which was four years away! As I said goodbye to my amazing students and parents with a broken heart, a group of parents approached me and asked me to please do some sort of after school Spanish program so I could continue being their children’s teacher. It was the perfect solution, I could do what I needed to do with my children and continue teaching! Hence, “Mi Escuelita” a full-Spanish immersion program was born. It later became “Spanish is Fun” because that was exactly what my classes were, FUN!

After three wonderful years my family and I were blessed to move to the wonderful community of Palos Verdes, CA where we currently reside. I started my “Spanish is Fun” after-school program in Palos Verdes on September 2012 with the wonderful support of a Soleado teacher and a fantastic parent. Before I knew it I had 14 students enrolled! My “Spanish is Fun” after school program, now “FUNtástic-O” continues to grow.

It is with great enthusiasm that I invite you to embark on the wonderful journey of learning Spanish!