¡Hola! Welcome to FUNtástic-O!

A unique and successful Spanish Immersion Program for Kids, located in Palos Verdes, CA.

My name is Andrea Weinstock, I am the Founder and Director of FUNtástic-O. 

I created FUNtástic-O several years ago, when I moved to Palos Verdes and became aware that Spanish was no longer offered at the Elementary schools. I was very sad to hear about this, since the best age to learn any language is in your younger years.

I had been teaching Spanish for years at a private school in Manhattan Beach with much success.

I decided to bring my FUNtástic-O Program to PV in hopes that I could instill the “Love of Learning Spanish” to children.

My methodology was created using various components:

I combined my Montessori teaching background with the best components from the most current Foreign Language Teaching Methodologies being used today.

  • TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling)
  • CI (Comprehensible Input)
  • TPR (Total Physical Response) and a Natural Approach

This methodology has allowed students to acquire as much “input” as possible at their level and when they are ready they will turn that “input” into “output”. “Output” is measured in several ways depending on their age and level. At first a student begins to speak, then is able to combine maybe 2 words, a noun with an adjective, then the ability to form short sentences, and eventually be able to have a conversation, read and write in Spanish.

I am constantly adding new and exciting ways to teach my students what they need to learn. We play games, role-play to imitate real life situations, dance, sing and use puppets. Last but not least, every class is taught in my crazy, FUN way of teaching, that students find hilarious and love! 

All this is what makes FUNtástic-O a unique, effective and extremely engaging program for kids to learn Spanish!

All Spanish classes are taught by Andrea Weinstock.